Tournament Results


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SFS Pickleball Club Cinco de Mayo Tournament Results

Men’s Double (Saturday)

MEDAL 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0
GOLD Whitcomb, Derek

Nguyen, Thanhan

Dellinger, Tim

Bourdounne, Nabil

Schwartzman, Rick

Gudka, Nick

Maniply, Randy

Whitlock, Michael

SILVER Simon, Adam

Valiant, Steve

Koller, David

Montoya, Gabriel

Schiller, Michael

Humes, Kevin



BRONZE Richie, Jimmy Montoya, Ruben Meredith, Steve

Cantrell, Jim

Wilcox, John

Simon, Stu

Philapy, Steve

Riccio, Dan


Women’s Double (Saturday)

MEDAL 4.0 3.5 3.0
GOLD Litzenberg, Melody


Spratley, Jennifer

Cobb, Robin

Keating, Toni

Flohre, Rita

SILVER Siersma, Heather

Clark, Beth

Mitchell, Terri

Palmer, Kim

Tyrrell, Barbara

Poggi, Patti

BRONZE Hood, Pat

Walton, Brenda

Bouchier Marina

Miller Marilyn

Pope, Joan

Brainard, Paula


Mixed Doubles (Sunday)

MEDAL 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0
GOLD Nguyen, Thanhan

Clark, Beth

Hood, Pat

Whitcomb Derek

Keating Bob

Keating Toni

Gray, Karen

Maniply, Randy

SILVER Walton, Brenda

Simon, Adam

Dellinger, Tim

Siersma, Heather

Mitchell, Terri

Gudyka, Joe

Brainard, Paula

Philapy, Steve

BRONZE Vozza, Steve

Litzenberg, Melody

Koller, David

Morris, Pary

Bouchier, Marina

Ash, Ray

Downey, Elizabeth

Downey, Jim (Andy)



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