We Have New Permanent Courts in Virginia!

Mid County Park's new pickleball courts

Mid County Park’s new pickleball courts

Jeff Anthony, James City County, Williamsburg USAPA Ambassador, has announced the opening day for their new permanent pickleball courts at Mid County Park. Monday, November 3rd, will be the opening day for Mid County Park’s new permanent pickleball courts! Following Thousand Trails RV Resort, Fredericksburg’s  Memorial Park, and Chesterfields Rockwood Park, Mid County Park joins the growing roster of outdoor permanent pickleball courts in Virginia. Do you know who is responsible for these courts and marked tennis courts and indoor facilities that offer pickleball? Its because of the hard work of pickleball fans and ambassadors all over Virginia. Thank yourselves and thank your local ambassadors and volunteers who make it easy to go out and play pickleball each day. Without all of us we would not know all the fun that is the fastest growing sport in Virginia and the nation, PICKLEBALL!

Pickleball Mike

Message from Williamsburg Ambassador, Jeff Anthony about new courts at Mid County Park




We are about to re-open our public courts at Mid County Park….and will include several dedicated/pickleball only outdoor courts. Believe they are the only permanent outdoor courts in Hampton Roads. Have asked around and nobody has heard of any…other than ours.

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Jeff Anthony

757.593.7354 www.pickleburg.com

USAPA Ambassador  | James City County | Williamsburg, VA

o_195ec1od816l81ueo576bgs16tnbLink to see court construction project, http://www.pickleburg.com/photoalbum.php?view=list&album=6 , Pickleball Mike