Welcome to Virginia Pickleball. Virginia’s official pickleball website for news and information for Pickleball. Between investments in Virginia Pickleball from players and the profits from Pickleballmaniac.com we help provide nets, paddles and balls to civic organizations. We host this website that provides information such as places to play in Virginia and tournament information. We hold, promote, and run pickleball tournaments for Virginia Pickleball, local Parks and Rec Departments and more. Virginia Pickleball also holds Pickleball demos that teach kids and adults how much fun the game of pickleball is. If you have questions you can contact Pickleball Mike at mroberts@virginiapickleball.org or call 804-641-6816.


  1. Don Cash says:

    You have a spelling error in the first paragraph. I think the word “at” should be “as.”


  2. Why is web site not keep up to date?


    • I do apologise but I work a full time job and am the USAPA Ambassador for Henrico County and Gloucester Counties. I host pickleball play and teach pickleball 5+ days a week. I have an online pickleball business I maintain to help pay for this website and my other pickleball work. I handle the website by my self. I try to keep up with everything in the state but I do not always get the information I need to keep the site current. What specifically is not up to date and I will correct it?


  3. pete brown says:

    where can I play pickleball in norfolk virginia that has lots of players which are 4.0 or better?


    • Here is the contact info for one of the area ambassadors. I think he should be able to help you. Virginia Beach-Hampton Roads – Carl Earnshaw 757-619-1464 Virginia Beach, Email: Click here


  4. Diego Liberczuk says:

    Hi Mike,
    May I suggest that a “Marketplace” page be added? A place where people could post the sale of their used pickleball-related items. Thank you for your support!


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