Would you like you invest in the growth of pickleball in Virginia? Then think about investing with Virginia Pickleball!

Virginia Pickleball is a not-for-profit company dedicated to promoting pickleball across Virginia. We are not a substitute for the US Pickleball Association but we want to do our part to help grow pickleball in our state of Virginia. The USAPA has a grant program that aids in funding pickleball programs in the US. But, they have more requests for funding that money to give. That’s where Virginia Pickleball wants to help and we can do it by helping ourselves. To invest in pickleball you can join the USAPA and become a member. Your membership provides money for the USAPA’s grant program that grows pickleball across the nation. You can also invest in Virginia Pickleball and your investment will go to pay for nets, balls, and paddles and expenses needed to grow pickleball in Virginia! Virginia’s ambassadors and volunteers pay for so much out of their own pocket. Help them and you help pickleball in our state.

Virginia Pickleball works to provide many things to the pickleball community here in Virginia. We donate or lend nets, paddles and balls to churches and civic associations who are starting pickleball programs. This year we have provided nets, paddles and balls to many churches and have more lined up to donate. Our latest, Gayton Baptist Church, has been given 3 nets, paddles and balls to start pickleball. Gayton is our very first church in Henrico County to start a pickleball program. The cost of nets this year is $165 each. Paddles have been $45 each. For an ambassador or volunteer to provide a free demo most need 4 nets, a dozen balls and 16 paddles to accomplish a 2 hour demo. Not to mention the other expenses.

Virginia Pickleball also provides this website to you and yes it costs money. Its a $100 a year to have it on We have the latest news and information such as tournament information, pickleball demo’s, training opportunities and more to players all over VA. Please donate today and help bring pickleball to every corner of Virginia.


I you don’t want to donate online you can also mail a check to:

Virginia Pickleball
12313 Francis Drake Drive
Henrico, VA 23233

Example of costs for Virginia Pickleball:

Pickleball Net: $165

Paddles: $20 TO $40

Balls: $2

Website: $100 a year

Domain Names: $35 a year (we have more than 3)

Email services through Microsoft: $15 a month

Other examples of expenses: Tournaments, Tournament insurance, food, fuel, paddles for demos(20+ paddles), balls, rule books that are given away, hosting training sessions(Pickleball Guru, $120 paid to Henrico county to rent the courts) and more . . .

Click here to donate online.

PM728X90adAnother option to provide funds to Virginia Pickleball for our work is through buying pickleball paddles, balls, nets, t-shirts, and more from our sister site, We sell only the best paddles on the market and provide a 2 year warrantee that your paddle will not go soft or the shell crack or we will replace it at no rva4mocmgycharge to you. We play with what we sell so we know what will last. With so many new paddles on the market these days don’t buy one that’s going to give out in 6 months. Buy one from us and with your guarantee you will be helping to grow pickleball in Virginia.

smashmolmWe also have over 65 unique pickleball themed t-shirts. Don’t see one you like but have an idea for one. Contact me and I will make a design to your specs. We already have a few for areas around Virginia so check them out.



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