Goochland USAPA Ambassador:

Tom Lind  804-317-2444  Manakin-Sabot VA  email

Play Locations

Goochland County Central Recreation Complex Gym, 2748 Dogtown Road,
Goochland, VA. Pickleball Tuesdays and Thursdays 9AM to NOON. Balls & paddles provided. No fees. All ages of adults welcome.
All skill levels play together.

Goochland Court House: ALL YEAR PLAY – J. Sargeant Community College tennis courts: 1851 Dickinson Road, 23063, Goochland Court House, VA. Three outdoor light concrete tennis courts.  One tennis court is marked off for pickleball using the tennis court net. OPEN NON-SCHEDULED PLAY. No balls or paddles provided.  No fees or reservations.

Goochland Court House: ALL YEAR PLAY – Goochland YMCA: 1800 Sandy Hook Road, 23063, Goochland Court House, VA. Outdoor asphalt basketball court marked for two pickleball courts.  OPEN NON-SCHEDULED PLAY: No nets, balls or paddles provided.  The YMCA makes available this place to play with no fees to members or non-members of the Goochland YMCA.

Goochland Court House: FALL, WINTER & SPRING – Goochland Sports Complex Gym: 1800 Sandy Hook Road, 23063, Goochland Court House, VA. Three indoor courts, balls & paddles provided.  No fees. All adult ages welcome.  Program runs from last week in August to first week in June every year.  Program runs the late week in August thru the first week in June of each year:  Mondays & Wednesdays 11AM to 1PM.

Crozier: – Randolph Elementary School: 1552 Sheppard Town Road, Crozier, VA.

Comment: This Is Another Back Up Summer Location For Pickleball Play In Goochland Used Only When Needed. We Are Currently Playing At The Goochland Parks & Rec Central Gym Complex On Dogtown Road (see Listing Under Goochland). Contact Tom Lind At For More Information.
Schedule: Not Currently Being Used For Pickleball Play
Fee: Free!

For more information contact Tom Lind, Goochland Ambassador – Send Email

Goochland: SUMMER PLAY (June, July & August) – Byrd Elementary School: 2704 Hadensville-Fife Road, 23063, Goochland, VA. One indoor court and one smaller practice court.  NO PLAY FOR THE SUMMER OF 2015



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