Faults in the Non-volley Zone Question

Player Don Cash saw this on the USAPA site today. I think its well worth posting. Thanks Don.

Faults in the Non-volley Zone… By Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair This month I want to address the question of calling faults in the non-volley zone (NVZ). Specifically, who should be making these calls? For sanctioned tournaments it’s an easy answer. The referee is responsible for NVZ faults, and this is the main duty of the referee during the rally. But what about recreational play, who should be making calls for these faults?

IFP Rules Section 9 (Non-Volley Rules) does not specifically state who should make the call. This section just covers what constitutes a NVZ fault. In reality, for recreational play (and I classify all non-refereed games in this category) any player on the court can, and should, make the call.

It is normally very difficult for the player hitting the ball to catch their faults, and not much easier for their partner to see the faults. It may also be hard for the opposing team to catch foot and paddle tap faults in the NVZ, but typically they have the best opportunity to make these calls. So don’t be surprised if the next time you play you’re called for a NVZ infraction by your opponent.

Learn to accept it and try altering your play to eliminate these faults; it will help you in the long run when you play in tournaments.