Results of the Hanover Senior Pickleball Tournament

Results of the Hanover Senior Pickleball Tournament

Women’s Doubles

1st Pearson/Sparrow 
2nd Green/Messersmitt
3dr Hamilton/Pigaru

Men’s Doubles

1st Jimmy Richie/Graber
2nd Morrison/Romondo
3rd Postman/Hollingsworth

Mixed Doubles




65+ Mixed Doubles

1st – Pearson/Lind

2nd– Kendrick/Morrison

3rd – Cash/Sieg

The Grinch Who Stole The Pickleballs

The Grinch Who Stole The Pickleballs

By Tom Lawrence

Every player in “Y’ville loved Pickleball a lot,

But the Grinch, who lived just north of “Y”villa, absolutely did NOT!

The Grinch hated Pickleball! The whole Pickleball game!

Now please don’t ask why….I know not what’s to blame.


It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.

Perhaps he once played and his shoes were too tight.

Whatever the reason, his head or his shoes.

He’d developed a bad case of “Pickleball Blues”


So he looked from afar, just loathing the sight.

Of Pickleball players and their obvious delight.

And he vowed in his heart, beating black in his core.

I’ll fix this happy group; they’ll play this game no more.


So he schemed and he dreamed, he planned and he plotted.

He thought so hard, his wicked brain got all knotted.

And slowly emerged a plan, the most devious of all.

“They can’t play the stupid game, if they don’t have a ball”


So the loathsome Grinch stooped to a new low.

(and for a Grinch, that’s pretty low, you know)

He set to work, giving new meaning to ridiculous.

Disguising himself as good old St. Pickleus.


And one night before Christmas, under cover of night,

To “Y”ville he slithered, his treacherous goal within sight.

Assured that the players were home, decking their halls.

He set straight to his work, and stole all the balls!


Then laying a wicked finger aside of his nose.

Up through the ranks of the wicked, delighted, he rose.

And no one heard his jeer, as he scrambles out of sight,

“No more joy in”Y”ville, to Pickleball, forever Good Night”


And so the Grinch returned to his lair,

His ill-gotten Pickleballs, safely stashed away there.

So off to bed, his tiny conscience, buried deep.

His deed being done, he was quickly asleep.


As dawn quietly broke, the day cold, bright and clear.

He woke up with a smile, but…..”What do I hear?”

“That sound so familiar, after all of my scheming”

It’s Pickleball sounds! I’ve got to be dreaming!”


No dream it turned out, his euphoria fast fading.

Four courts full of players with many others waiting.

“How can it be. I made it impossible to play!”

Some way, some how, those players found a way!”


And suddenly a spirit, maybe Christmas, who knows.

Overcame that old Grinch, from his head to his toes.

A new light in his eyes, a different point of view.

“I never would have thought. I never really knew”


“All sizes, shapes and ages; no reason or rhyme”

“Being here together, enjoying their time”

“What I thought was a game is not just a game.”

That said, the Grinch, for the first time, felt the emotion of shame.


Up from the deaths of his long-despicable soul,

A long-hidden warmth had taken control.

“I’ll do what I can to make my amends.

And hope that someday, I can call Pickleballers my friends”


True to his heart, he returned to his lair,

And picked up those yellow balls still safely hidden there.

With the bag over his shoulder, he returned to the gym.

Not knowing what fate, what scorn was waiting for him.


To his surprise, the players did not flinch.

It showed in his face, this was not the same old Grinch.

So instead of the scorn he expected that day.

Three Pickleballers came up, and asked him to play!


So we end on a high note, with fun and with laughter.

And could end it right now, with “Happily ever after”.

But it’s best to be truthful, now don’t you all think?

Cause the Grinch never comes to the net, and never learned to dink!

Results of the Kilmarnock Pickleball Tournament

Results of the Kilmarnock Pickleball Tournament

Men – Under 60
1st – Johnny Morrison/Josh McKinley
2nd – Rene Meier/Wayne Newcomb
3rd – Gary Owens/Carl Eichenlaub

Women – Under 60
1st – Beth Kendrick/Grisel Santamaria
2nd – Helen White/Karen Pearson
3rd – Pat Rosinski/Eileen Sieg

Mixed – Under 60
1st – Grisel Santamaria/Josh McKinley
2nd – Beth Kendrick/Johnny Morrison
3rd – Anita Baker/Joe Baker

Men – 60 – 69
1st – Johnny Morrison/Jon Lind
2nd – Gerry Horner/Joe Baker
3rd – Dwight Packett/Dennis Peterson

Women – 60 – 69
1st – Helen White/Karen Pearson
2nd – Eileen Sieg/Jennifer Newcomb
3rd – Beth Kendrick/Maria Sultenfuss

Mixed – 60 – 69
1st – Helen White/Andy Leighton
2nd – Anita Baker/Rene Meier
3rd – Beth Kendrick/Mickey Kendrick

Men – 70 and Over
1st – Johnny Morrison/Jon Lind
2nd – Don Cash/Jim Legg
3rd – Rick Varley/Gary Owens

Women – 70 and Over
1st – Dorothy Reynolds/Edwina Stinnett
No other teams registered

Mixed 70 and Over
1st – Pat Rosinski/ Gerry Horner
2nd – Dorothy Reynolds/Johnny Morrison
3rd – Eileen Sieg/Don Cash

Results of Louisa Pickleball Tournament

Results of Louisa Pickleball Tournament this weekend.
Championship Bracket
Jimmy Richie and Dale Guess – Gold
Guill and Vozza – Runner Up
A Bracket
Davis and Yates – Gold
Meredith and Meredith – Runner Up
B Bracket
Alegre and Megan – Gold
Brown and Oppy – Runner Up
C Bracket
Beaman and Via – Gold
Rabos and Firth – Runner Up

Results for the CSA Rockwood Pickleball Tournament

Results for the CSA Rockwood Pickleball Tournament on October 24th, 2015

Advanced Men’s Doubles

Gold: Reuben Montoya/Gabe Rivard

Silver: Kris Shepherd/Tommy Boyette

Bronze: John Moheyer/Josh Ellenbogen

Advanced Women’s Doubles

Gold: Chris Stanko/Becky Jilcott

Silver: Pam Riley/Lee-Anna Camper

Bronze: Debbie Stults/Emilia Gallager

Advanced Mixed Doubles

Gold: Pam Riley/Reuben Montoya

Silver: Chris Stanko/Chad Agnolucci

Bronze: Emilia Gallager/Jimmy Ritchie

Intermediate Men’s Doubles

Gold: Joe Baker/Rene Meier

Silver: Kenny Young/David Bova

Bronze: Alan Sikora/Dave Maywalt

Intermediate Women’s Doubles

Gold: Cynthia Schrier/Kelly Gent

Silver: Megan Washburn/Pary Morris

Bronze: Brandy Chinn/Lori Smith

Intermediate Mixed Doubles

Gold: Anita Baker/Joe Baker

Silver:Megan Washburn/Brandon Shiflett

Bronze: Pary Morris/Greg Morris

Results for the Williamsburg Fall Classic October 17th, 2015

Results for the Williamsburg Fall Classic October 17th, 2015

Gold Silver
Gold- Ritchie -­‐ Coppersmith /Silver-Valiant -­‐ Rowland /Bronze-Thompson -­‐ Bradner

Womens Doubles 18-­‐54

Gold-Jilcott -­‐ Gallagher /Silver-Washburn -­‐ Howard /Bronze-Poole -­‐ Duncan

Mixed Doubles 18-­‐54

Gold-Ritchie -­‐ Jilcott /Silver-Valiant -­‐ Law /Bronze-Coppersmith -­‐ Duncan

Men’s Doubles 55-­‐64
Gold-Umbach – Meredith /Silver-Vozza -­‐ Guill /Bronze-Stiff -­‐ Hagerman

Women’s Doubles 55-­‐64
Gold- Green – Newcomb /Silver-Wong – Haberman /Bronze-Sieg -­‐ Hermance
Mixed Doubles 55-­‐64
Gold-Morrison -­‐ Green /Silver-Stiff – Wong /Bronze-Murr -­‐ Tubbiolo
Men’s Doubles 65+
Gold-Lind -­‐ Morrison /Silver-Beck – Hall /Bronze-Cash -­‐ Legg
Mixed Doubles 65+
Gold-Hagerman -­‐ Haberman /Silver-Legg -­‐ Stinnette /Bronze-Thompson -­‐ Hermance


Lynchburg, Virginia – August 14-16, 2015
Congratulations to all the players from across Virginia, and from several neighboring States, who
competed in the second annual Pickleball tournament of the Virginia Commonwealth Games.
Final results for State of Virginia Commonwealth Games:

Women’s Singles – OPEN
1st Place – Gold – Violaine Romans-Murray (NC) 2nd Place – Silver – Kaylee Miller (NC)

Women’s Singles – Ages 55-59
1st Place – Gold – JoAnnah Michael (NC) 1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Linda Bell

Women’s Singles – Ages 60-6
1st Place – Gold – Laura Patterson (NC) 1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Helen White

Women’s Singles – Ages 65-74
1st Place – Gold – Carolyn Law (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Margie Davenport (VA)

Men’s Singles – OPEN
1st Place – Gold – Adam Stanley (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Troy Miller (NC)
3rd Play – Bronze – Aaron Cooke (NC)

Men’s Singles – Ages 50-54
1st Place – Gold –Michael Roberts (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – A. C. Gregg (VA)

Men’s Singles – Ages 55-59
1st Place – Gold – Ken Guill (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Billy Coffey
Men’s Singles – Ages 60-64
1st Place – Gold – Rick Colling (VA)
2nd Place– Silver – Larry McDaniel (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Jim Webb (VA)

Men’s Singles – Ages 65-74
1st Place – Gold – Bruce Habitzruther (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Buddy Moore (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Johnny Morrison (VA)

Men’s Singles – Ages 70-74
1st Place – Gold – Jerry Lane (VA)
2nd Place– Silver – James Marshall Anthony (VA)

Men’s Singles – Ages 80+
1st Place – Gold – Joe Lindsoe (VA, age 86)

Women’s Doubles – OPEN
1st Place – Gold – Violaine Romans-Murray (NC) & Kelly Gent (NC)
1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Christ Stanko & Rebecca Jilcott
2nd Place – Silver – Linda Bell & Grisel Santamaria (VA)

Women’s Doubles – Ages 50-54
1st Place – Gold – Teresa Shull & Denise Propps (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Diane Donahue (VA) & Laura Patterson (NC) 3rd Place – Bronze – Donna Meredith & Miriam Morrison (VA)

Women’s Doubles – Ages 55-59
1st Place – Gold – JoAnnah Michael (NC) & Cathryn Noble (PA) 1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Pam Riley & Patty Opstad
2nd Place – Silver – Lynn Mellott & Rita Mullen (VA)

Women’s Doubles – Ages 60-64
1st Place – Gold – Lynn Toth & Teresa Walling (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Nancy Sheldon & Debbie McDaniel (VA)

Women’s Doubles – Ages 65-74
1st Place – Gold – Dona Bowland & Joanne Hessey (NC)
1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Mary Jane Calhoun & Sherry Thorne
1st Place by age in VA – Gold – Brenda Higgins (73) & Eileen Sieg (71)

Men’s Doubles – OPEN
1st Place – Gold – Eric White (MD) & John Moheyer (MD)
1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Reuben Montoya & Gabriel Rivard 2nd Place – Silver – Adam Stanley (VA) & Sean Shull (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Kris Shepherd (NC) & Tommy Boyette (NC)

Men’s Doubles – Ages 50-54
1st Place – Gold – Peter Romando (VA) & Les Massengale (NC) 2nd Place – Silver – A. C. Gregg (VA) & Johnny Morrison (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Ken Guill (VA) & Steve Vozza (VA)

Men’s Doubles – Ages 55-59
1st Place – Gold – Frank Nelson (VA) & Jim Schrier (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Joe Borelli (NC) & Lee Hankin (NC)
2nd Place – Silver for Virginia – Jim Schaefer & Jimmy Gonzales
Men’s Doubles – Ages 60-64
1st Place – Gold – Darryl Noble (PA) & Tom Henry (MD)
1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Steve Meredith & Mike Knight
2nd Place – Silver – Rodney Pleasants (VA) & Dennis Brennan (NC)

Men’s Doubles – Ages 65-69
1st Place – Gold – Bruce Habitzruther (VA) & George McDaniel (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Tom Thorne (VA) & Charles Ryan (NC)

Men’s Doubles – Ages 70-79
1st Place – Gold – Don Cash (VA) & Jim Legg (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Rick Heatley (VA) & Wally Hawkins (NC)
3rd Place – Bronze – Jerry Lane (VA) & James Marshall Anthony (VA)

Mixed Doubles – OPEN
1st Place – Gold – Teresa Shull (VA) & Adam Stanley (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Pam Riley (VA) & Reuben Montoya (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Chris Stanko (VA) & A.C. Gregg (VA)

Mixed Doubles – Ages 50-54
1st Place – Gold – Denise Propps (VA) & Sean Shull (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Diane Donahue (VA) & Rick Colling (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Rebecca Jilcott (VA) & Ken Guill (VA)
Mixed Doubles – Ages 55-59
1st Place – Gold – Joanne Hessey (NC) & Les Massengale (NC) 1st Place for Virginia – Gold – Linda Bell & Steve Bell
2nd Place – Silver for Virginia – Cindy Schrier & Jim Schrier

Mixed Doubles – Ages 60-64
1st Place – Gold – Helen White (VA) & Mike Knight (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Debbie McDanile (VA) & George McDaniel (VA)
3rd Place – Bronze – Phyllis Sassone (MD) & Tom Henry (MD)
3rd Place for Virginia – Bronze – Nancy Sheldon & Michael Aruck

Mixed Doubles – Ages 65-69
1st Place – Gold – Susan Malcolm (VA) & Buddy Moore (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Dona Bowland (NC) & Danny Bowland (NC)
2nd Place for Virginia – Silver – Mary Jane Calhoun & Steve Blades

Mixed Doubles – Ages 70-74
1st Place – Gold – Eileen Sieg (VA) & Don Cash (VA)
2nd Place – Silver – Sherry Thorne (VA) & Charles Ryan (NC)
3rd Place – Bronze – Brenda Higgins (VA) & Bryan Higgins (VA)

Submitted by Judy Bowman, Tournament Director, and Steve Bowman, Bracketologist, on August 18,
Please direct any questions to Judy@wheelpower.org

Chesapeake’s 2015 Super Pickleball Challenge Results

Seniors Men’s Doubles

Peter Guss, Steve Meredith

Johnny Morrison, AC Gregg

Mark Kent, Milton Casey


Seniors Women’s Doubles

Pam Riley, Sean Shull

Boodie Mcgurn, Jennifer Newcomb

Carolyn Law, Jeannie Duncan


Mixed Senior 50-59

Peter Guss, Pam Riley

A.C. Gregg, Sean Shull

Diana Tilgham, Michael Jump


Mixed Senior 60+

Johnny Morrison, Beth Kendrick

Cesar Pabalan, Boodie Mcgurn

Jon Lind, Jeannie Duncan


Men’s Open Doubles

Adam Stanley, Sean Shull

Mark Kent, Erin Coppersmith

Tony Menzl, Milton Casey


Mixed Open

Erin Coppersmith, Grisel Santa Maria

AC Gregg, Becky Jilcott

Adam Stanley, Carrie Kabler


Men’s Open Singles

Erin Coppersmith

Adam Stanley

AC Gregg


Women’s Open Doubles

Becky Jilcott, Christy Shanko

Beth Kendrick, Grisel Santa Maria

Patty Mines, Sharon Haberman

2015 Henrico Spring Pickleball Tournament

April 17th-18

Henrico Spring Pickleball Tournament

Two divisions:

Open (18+) Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Singles –

Senior (60+) Men’s, Women’s, Mixed, Singles –

Format is a little different this year so please visit our tournament page for details, https://virginiapickleball.org/va-tournaments/