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What is Virginia Pickleball? We started out and continue to be is an information stop where the people of Virginia can find out about the great game of Pickleball. Now that we have established ourselves it is time to grow outside of just a website.

The USA Pickleball Association is the national support hub to promote pickleball nationally and at the local level. They accomplish this support through a network of local ambassadors recognized by the USAPA to promote and grow pickleball in their local areas. The ambassadors find new venues to play pickleball, host tournaments, and teach the game to new players. These volunteers do a great job bringing this sport to the masses. Though still a little known sport it has become the fastest growing sport in America. The USAPA estimates that 89% of all pickleball players are not USAPA members. The USAPA depends on its membership dues and donations to do the task of providing money to ambassadors for nets, balls, and paddles. Their website promotes play locations across the country. They support tournaments, clinics and so much more.

Where does Virginia Pickleball fit in? Well we could be a club. We could organize players in one big club for the state but some communities have already said that if pickleball players get organized the local parks and rec departments will pull their support. The result is that all the free time we have at rec tennis courts and indoor gym space we use will go away unless we pay for the time. Not something we want to happen. So Virginia Pickleball went a different direction. We will not be a dues playing club. We will not be organizing players. We will be in the business of helping.

What the USAPA does nationally we want to do our part locally at the state, county, city, and town level. Virginia Pickleball will help our local USAPA ambassadors with promotion of their new places to play, tournaments, clinics and more. We will provide nets, balls, and paddles to churches, civic organizations and ambassadors as funding allows. We will work with tournament organizers to help them set up and organize their first tournaments. We can even run them for them if asked. The USAPA does a great job. We want to make it easier for them by doing our part. Virginia Pickleball will at the end of each year write a check to the USAPA to help them fund the hard work they do.

Virginia Pickleball may sound redundant but promoting pickleball is a big job and we have a long way to go to make pickleball a recognized sport in Virginia and in this country.

How can you help? Become a USAPA ambassador. Bring pickleball to your community. And please use the resources of Virginia Pickleball to help you do the job.

How can you support Virginia Pickleball financially? We know what might happen if Virginia Pickleball were to become a dues paying club. We could loose those county rec centers and parks they allow us to use for free. So Virginia Pickleball is not a club but a local non-profit that’s goals are to support ambassadors and locations across the state with money, materials, and support to grow pickleball without loosing county parks and rec support.

Here is a list of what Virginia Pickleball wants to do:

*Purchase new or replace old nets, balls, and paddles for local churches, communities, and ambassadors.

*Offer help to local Virginia Ambassadors to promote pickleball in there area

*Provide or subsidize cost of legal insurance to protect Virginia Ambassadors

*Provide virginiapickleball.org email addresses to all Virginia Ambassadors. This integration can help ambassadors network and work closely together to expand pickleball in Virginia

*Work with local communities to organize, manage, promote, and even run tournaments in their area.

*Organize charity tournaments in Virginia.

*Continue and grow the Virginia Pickleball web site to offer information to the people of Virginia about the great sport of Pickleball

***Open pickleball complexes in Virginia where players can come together and play any time of day. Find pickleball equipment for sale. Host tournaments.

*And more . . .


  1. Jerry Holder says:

    I would like to know of a good paddle to buy…one that will not be outdated soon by the next “big thing” in paddles. Thank you. Jerry Holder. jhatvmc@aol.com


    • Before I make a recommendation please email me at mroberts@virginiapickleball.org or call me at 804-641-6816. I would like to get some information like, are you a new player? What are you playing with now? Do you prefer a heavy or light paddle? Do you play the “Dink” game? Are you a hard hitter? Recommending a new paddle is not just telling you what the next best technology is. Its matching you up with a paddle you will play your best game with. Thanks Pickleball Mike


      • Jerry Holder says:

        New player. Long time and good racquetball player, but that was many years ago. Have not played in 20+ years. I do not know what the Dink game is. I would probably prefer a light>medium weight paddle. I would classify myself as a hard hitter, yes. I am 68, but in excellent condition and shape….thank the Good Lord….enthusiastic bicycler and hiker…former Marine Infantry Officer.
        Thanks for your response..


      • I would recommend the Z5 Graphite paddle. It is a great all around paddle that is long lasting compared to many on the market. It is a mid-weight paddle that has a great grip that feels good in your hand. You can find them for $75 at PickleballManiac.com.


  2. hubert "the horns" townsend says:

    best idea is to just try out all the ones you see on the court. they all work if you actually use the fundamentals. best advice is whatever works best for you. i highly recommend the pro lite classic model. worked fine for me when i was a beginner. am now 4.5 and ranked third nationally for my age group at last sr nationals. also, probably best to go light to medium. heavy is only needed for hitting hard and fast in singles. light means faster movement at the kitchen when volleying.


  3. Terry Perrel says:

    Hm, Last month I sent an update on the Virginia Beach tournament which is now called the April Fools tournament. I will resend the info which includes registration info.


  4. Ray Love says:

    I am headed up to Langley AFbase tomorrow, are there any places to play.


  5. pickleballportal says:

    Just found your site, really cool initiative. I didn’t realize there was a local non-profit like yours promoting the sport like this Congrats on job well done.


  6. Danielle Miller says:

    I am looking to start pickleball. I have never played. Where should I begin? I live in Glen Allen, VA Is anyone looking for new people? I am 46.


  7. Terry Perrel says:

    Hi, Mike. Can you change the dates for the Virginia Beach Holiday Pickleball Classic to Dec. 1 and 2? The city changed the dates. It is no longer the 8 and 9. Also, registration is open online and in person. Mail, too. Thanks, Terry in VAB P.S.Did your email change?


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