Results for the CSA Rockwood Pickleball Tournament

Results for the CSA Rockwood Pickleball Tournament on October 24th, 2015

Advanced Men’s Doubles

Gold: Reuben Montoya/Gabe Rivard

Silver: Kris Shepherd/Tommy Boyette

Bronze: John Moheyer/Josh Ellenbogen

Advanced Women’s Doubles

Gold: Chris Stanko/Becky Jilcott

Silver: Pam Riley/Lee-Anna Camper

Bronze: Debbie Stults/Emilia Gallager

Advanced Mixed Doubles

Gold: Pam Riley/Reuben Montoya

Silver: Chris Stanko/Chad Agnolucci

Bronze: Emilia Gallager/Jimmy Ritchie

Intermediate Men’s Doubles

Gold: Joe Baker/Rene Meier

Silver: Kenny Young/David Bova

Bronze: Alan Sikora/Dave Maywalt

Intermediate Women’s Doubles

Gold: Cynthia Schrier/Kelly Gent

Silver: Megan Washburn/Pary Morris

Bronze: Brandy Chinn/Lori Smith

Intermediate Mixed Doubles

Gold: Anita Baker/Joe Baker

Silver:Megan Washburn/Brandon Shiflett

Bronze: Pary Morris/Greg Morris

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