Chesapeake’s 2015 Super Pickleball Challenge Results

Seniors Men’s Doubles

Peter Guss, Steve Meredith

Johnny Morrison, AC Gregg

Mark Kent, Milton Casey


Seniors Women’s Doubles

Pam Riley, Sean Shull

Boodie Mcgurn, Jennifer Newcomb

Carolyn Law, Jeannie Duncan


Mixed Senior 50-59

Peter Guss, Pam Riley

A.C. Gregg, Sean Shull

Diana Tilgham, Michael Jump


Mixed Senior 60+

Johnny Morrison, Beth Kendrick

Cesar Pabalan, Boodie Mcgurn

Jon Lind, Jeannie Duncan


Men’s Open Doubles

Adam Stanley, Sean Shull

Mark Kent, Erin Coppersmith

Tony Menzl, Milton Casey


Mixed Open

Erin Coppersmith, Grisel Santa Maria

AC Gregg, Becky Jilcott

Adam Stanley, Carrie Kabler


Men’s Open Singles

Erin Coppersmith

Adam Stanley

AC Gregg


Women’s Open Doubles

Becky Jilcott, Christy Shanko

Beth Kendrick, Grisel Santa Maria

Patty Mines, Sharon Haberman

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