Battle of the Paddle Results at Smith Mountain Lake, February 21st, 2015

Battle of the Paddle at Smith Mountain Lake, February 21st, 2015 

Men’s Doubles

1st – Adam Stanley & Tony Carr

2nd – Reuben Montoya & Dave Rivard

3rd – Peter Romando & Najib Brahim

Men’s Doubles 55+

1st – Corwin Umbach & Steven Meredith

2nd – Johnny Morrison & Jonathan Lind

3rd – Denny Walling & Ray Cowling

Women’s Doubles

1st – Lauren Tertocha & Denise Propps

2nd – Teresa Shull & Patty Opstad

3rd – Debbie Stults & Carrie Kabler

Mixed Doubles

1st – Teresa Shull & Adam Stanley

2nd – Dave Rivard & Lee-Anna Camper

3rd – Corwin Umbach & Denise Propps

Mixed Doubles 55+

1st – Janet Green & Johnny Morrison

2nd – Lauren Tertocha & Jonathan Lind

3rd – Steven Blades & Mary Jane Calhoun


1st – Robert Smith & Holly Drougas

2nd – Stan Sowers & Joyce Lalley

3rd – Dana Bowman & Donna Meredith

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