Results of the Pickleball Tournament at the Center of the Universe

Tournament Results
Beginners Mixed Doubles
Gold: Hunter Carter/Aaron Cook
Silver: Steve and Pamela Smith
Bronze: Bob Brennis/Rich Taylor

Beginner Men’s Singles
Gold: Mike Cannon
Silver: Cole Turule
Bronze: Hunter Carter

Open Men’s Doubles
Gold: Andrew Silver/Adam Stanley
Silver: Gabe Rivard/Reuben Montoya
Bronze: Jessie Miller/Michael Duquette

Open Women’s Doubles
Gold: Chris Stanko/ Becky Jilcott
Silver: Cheryl Martin/Diane Milan
Bronze: JoAnnah Michaels/ Greisel Santamaria

Open Mixed Doubles
Gold: Adam Stanley/Teresa Shull
Silver: Erin Coppersmith/Greisel Santamaria
Bronze: AC Gregg/ Chris Stanko

Open Men’s Singles
Gold:Erin Coppersmith
Silver: Adam Stanley
Bronze: Jesse Miller

Senior Women’s Doubles
Gold: Pam Riley/ Wendy Sparrow
Silver: Teressa Shull/ Patty Opstad
Bronze: Helen White/ Jackie Igou

Senior Men’s Doubles
Gold: Peter Romando/ Less Massengale
Silver: Dennis Brenna/ Rodney Pleasant
Bronze: Jimmy Ritchie/ John Reinmuth

Senior Mixed Doubles
Gold: AC Gregg/ Pam Riley
Silver: Deb Getty/Scott Martin
Bronze: Janet Green/ Mike Burns

Senior Men’s Singles
Gold: Dennis Brennon
Silver: Michael Hollingsworth
Bronze:Les Massengale

Senior Women’s Singles
Gold:Wendy Sparrow
Silver: Helen White

Super Senior Men’s Doubles
Gold: Claude Brasseale/ Joe Vartanesian
Silver: David Scott/ Barry Chanberlin
Bronze: Bryan Higgins/ Gary Welthley

Super Senior Women’s
Gold: Pat Clark/ Ada Hammer
Silver: Dorothy Reynolds/ Cathy Haygood

Super Senior Mixed Doubles
Gold: Pat Clark/ Jim Legg
Silver: Ada Hamner/ Michael Ben
Bronze: Brenda Higgins/ Bryan Higgins

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