February 7th
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February 7th One Day

Mens, Womens, Mixed Doubles & Singles

Double Elimination

Open and Senior Divisions

9 Indoor Courts!

USAPA Ambassadors Play Free!!

Water and  snacks  available for players and volunteers

Lunch Provided

Awards in each bracket

Entry Fee $30 includes all events

Volunteers needed for scorekeepers, etc. Contact me

Tournament location: Randolph Macon College’s Brock Center, 101 E. Patrick St.,  Ashland VA 23005

Separate raffle drawings for prizes for players and volunteers

Click here for registration.

Polar Bear Pickleball League Play in Chesterfield County at Rockwood Park’s Pickleball Complex


As promised…….here are the details about the new league program for the January-March “winter” season….:)    I thought I would try something new to start off the year 2015 to see if there is sufficient interest…….a “polar bear” league program outdoors at our pickleball center for the 12 weeks of January through March, beginning the week of January 5th.

This program would have leagues for the combined  intermediate and advance level players (3.0 rating and above) on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and also on Saturday afternoons.      The leagues would be “free standing and separate” with separate records maintained for each league, as follows:

Monday combo league (men & women)

Wednesday combo league (men & women)

Saturday women’s league

Saturday men’s league

If there is an insufficient level of interest for the separate women’s league on Saturday afternoons, then the men’s and women’s leagues would be combined into a combo league for that day.      I know there are a few women players who are unavailable to play during the week who would prefer to play with the men on Saturdays to give them “tournament” experience.

League play would commence at 2:00 p.m. on these days and would consist of 6 games and should finish up by 3:30 p.m.     Regular open play for all players at the Rockwood Park Pickleball Center begins at noon these days, and league players would generally arrive between 1:00 to 1:45 p.m. for warm-up practice.

Players may sign up for all or any of the leagues as either a “permanent” or “substitute” player.     Players could sign up as a “permanent” status in some leagues and as a “substitute” status for other leagues.  For a “permanent” status, players should generally be available to play in about two-thirds of the scheduled playing dates (12 weeks of scheduled play subject to weather limitations – so should be available to play at least 8 weeks during the winter season).      For “substitute” status, you indicate you are available to play on occasion when available when a “permanent” player is unavailable on a certain day.

The leagues will be set up with anywhere from 8 to 12 to 16 “permanent” players plus a list of “substitutes”.     If there is significant interest, the leagues may be split into two groups each day based upon ability levels.    The “permanent” slots will be awarded in the order of responses received.     A predetermined schedule will be calculated so that players are playing with different players within their league each week.     Each week, foursome groups will be created for an initial three games, playing with a different partner each game.     Then, after a short break, new foursome groups are created for another 3 games under the same format……thus creating 6 league matches each week.     Cumulative won-loss records will be maintained each week for each league.     This format is different from the “shoot-out” format used during the abbreviated autumn season and for the current December season.

Being the winter season, there will be days of inclement weather or when the forecasted high temperature for the day fails to reach close to 45 degrees (balls crack when played in temps less than 40).     When that happens, cancellation notices will be issued to the players by e-mail by no later than 10:00 a.m. on the affected days.      Hopefully, we will not have too many of those type of days this winter !

So……please drop me a line if you are interested in signing up for any of the “polar bear” leagues as a permanent or substitute player during this winter season.

Thanks –

Dave Scott

Dave <>

Director of Rockwood league programs

Hanover Senior Tournament December 5th Results

IMG_0469Hanover Senior Tournament December 5th

Mixed Doubles
Shull/ Guess



Men’s Doubles



Women’s Doubles



Congratulations Everybody!

Pictures Here