Eastern Shore Pickleball’s Nov. 22nd Pocomoke Regional Pickleball Fun Challenge Results

Nov. 22nd Pocomoke Regional Pickleball Fun Challenge – the calculations are completed and pictures posted and the winner is:

Team Salisbury/Easton YMCA (2.20)! 2nd place –

Team Delaware (1.96),

3rd place – Team Ocean Pines (1.93) and

4th place – Team Pocomoke YMCA (1.92).

Top Players: Delaware Male, Rick Bell & Andrew McCutchon (tied); Female, Nancy Bradshaw.

Ocean Pines Male, Frank Creamer; Female, Jennifer Pettolina.

Pocomoke Male, Allen Swiger; Female, Laurie Zimmerman.

Salisbury/Easton Male, Matt Huntington; Female, Barbara Ryan.

2015 Atlantic South Regional Moves To North Carolina

Charlotte, NC, here we come!  Who is coming with us?!?!The USAPA is putting on the Atlantic South Regional Pickleball Tournament in Concord, NC (right outside Charlotte) Thursday March 19 – Sunday March 22, 2015 and you won’t want to miss this one!  This tournament will be held at the beautiful Carolina Courts on 16 indoor courts!

This year’s USAPA Atlantic South Regional is offering:
Men’s and Women’s Doubles (Age Groups)
Men’s and Women’s Doubles (Open 4.5/5.0)
Mixed Doubles Men’s and Women’s (Age Groups)
Mixed Doubles (Open 4.5/5.0)
Men’s and Women’s Singles (Age Groups)
Junior Doubles and Juniors Mixed Doubles!A social meet/dine is planned for Thursday March 19th at 7:00 pm…location to be announced.

Registration is open and closes on March 1, 2015, so get your registration in early! Online registration is available at www.pickleballtournaments.com. Online registration ONLY. No paper forms.
You can pay using a credit card through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.
Hope to see folks from all over Virginia at this tournament!  It’s going to be a great event!!

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New picks of Rockwood Parks Pickleball Court Progress

Almost there!

Entrance From_fast_end Slow_end

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Faults in the Non-volley Zone Question

Player Don Cash saw this on the USAPA site today. I think its well worth posting. Thanks Don.

Faults in the Non-volley Zone… By Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair This month I want to address the question of calling faults in the non-volley zone (NVZ). Specifically, who should be making these calls? For sanctioned tournaments it’s an easy answer. The referee is responsible for NVZ faults, and this is the main duty of the referee during the rally. But what about recreational play, who should be making calls for these faults?

IFP Rules Section 9 (Non-Volley Rules) does not specifically state who should make the call. This section just covers what constitutes a NVZ fault. In reality, for recreational play (and I classify all non-refereed games in this category) any player on the court can, and should, make the call.

It is normally very difficult for the player hitting the ball to catch their faults, and not much easier for their partner to see the faults. It may also be hard for the opposing team to catch foot and paddle tap faults in the NVZ, but typically they have the best opportunity to make these calls. So don’t be surprised if the next time you play you’re called for a NVZ infraction by your opponent.

Learn to accept it and try altering your play to eliminate these faults; it will help you in the long run when you play in tournaments.