Notice from Linda Scott (VA District USAPA Ambassador) to Virginia Ambassadors

Good Morning Virginia Pickleball Ambassadors,

Our District Manager provided the following information which we thought you would want to know.   Hopefully, we never need it. Get those waivers signed, though.

Thank you, Helen White, for the excellent question.

“Everyone is a pickleball player, they just don’t know it, yet.”


Dave and Linda Scott USA Pickleball Ambassadors for Chesterfield/Richmond, Va District Ambassadors for the Mid-Atlantic States New website 804 683 8481 cell 804 739 8483 home

Per our broker, when conducting free (non-paid) pickleball clinics, current USAPA ambassadors do in fact have coverage under their USAPA membership (same basic coverage terms as a participant in a USAPA sanctioned tournament).  Here’s a link on our site with details of the liability policy: Also, when requested, USAPA can issue a certificate of insurance to any ambassador who is required to present proof of insurance when teaching or instructing in a volunteer capacity.  In saying this, the coverage does not automatically extend to a facility or municipality who requires they be listed on the policy as an additional insured.  Nor does the policy extend to any of the participants attending a clinic, class or program being conducted by the ambassador (ambassadors should always use a waiver when teaching). The USAPA certificate simply demonstrates that the ambassador has coverage.  Ambassadors who require a certificate that names the facility (or some other 3rd party) as an additional insured and/or must provide coverage for participants will need to source a separate policy.   I this helps with everyone’s concerns.


Rocky Clark, Atlantic Regional Director

Portland, Maine


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