Results of 2014 Williamsburg Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament

2014 Williamsburg Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament Results

Men’s Singles 54 and Under

1. Erin Coppersmith

2. A.C. Gregg

3. Steve Vozza

Men’s Doubles 59 and Under

1. A.C. Gregg and Johnny Morrison

2. Mike Roberts and Rick Rowe

3. Mike Hollingsworth and Steve Weed

Men’s Singles 55-59

1. Ken Guill

2. Mark Maffei

3. Al Zerafa

Men’s Doubles 60-69

1. Wally Parent and Scott Martin

2. Tom Postma and Bob Small

3. Mark Maffei and Ted Hanson

Men’s Singles 65-69

1. Johnny Morrison

2. Jeff Anthony

3. Bob Small

Men’s Doubles 70+

1. Don Cash and Jim Legg

2. Jim Hall and John Beck

3. Coleman Krane and Patrick Horan

Men’s Singles 70+

1. Jim Hall

2. John Beck

3. Page Sutton

Mixed Doubles 18-49

1. A.C. Gregg and Chris Stanko

2. Mike Roberts and Becky Jilcott

3. Patty Mines and Erin Coppersmith

Women’s Singles Open

1. Peggy Hunter

2. Linda Bell

3. Jeannie Duncan

Mixed Doubles 50-59

1. Rick Rowe and Debbie Stults

 2. Ken Guill and Jeannie Duncan

3. Peggy Hunter and Johnnie Morrison

Women’s Doubles 18-49

1. Chris Stanko and Becky Jilcott

2. Patty Mines and Debbie Wilson

Mixed Doubles 60+

1. Wally Parent and Jennifer Newcomb

2. Don Cash and Eileen Sieg

3. Scott Martin and Debra Martin

Women’s Doubles 55-59

1. Peggy Hunter and Jeannie Duncan

2. Linda Bell and Tracye Ziglar

3. Debbie Stults and Mary Beth Wilson

Mixed Doubles 70+

1. Don Cash and Eileen Sieg

2. Page Sutton and Pat Healy

Women’s Doubles 60-64

1. Deb Getty and Jennifer Newcomb

2. Eileen Sieg and Debra Martin

Click here for pictures on the website.

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