We Have New Permanent Courts in Virginia!

Mid County Park's new pickleball courts

Mid County Park’s new pickleball courts

Jeff Anthony, James City County, Williamsburg USAPA Ambassador, has announced the opening day for their new permanent pickleball courts at Mid County Park. Monday, November 3rd, will be the opening day for Mid County Park’s new permanent pickleball courts! Following Thousand Trails RV Resort, Fredericksburg’s  Memorial Park, and Chesterfields Rockwood Park, Mid County Park joins the growing roster of outdoor permanent pickleball courts in Virginia. Do you know who is responsible for these courts and marked tennis courts and indoor facilities that offer pickleball? Its because of the hard work of pickleball fans and ambassadors all over Virginia. Thank yourselves and thank your local ambassadors and volunteers who make it easy to go out and play pickleball each day. Without all of us we would not know all the fun that is the fastest growing sport in Virginia and the nation, PICKLEBALL!

Pickleball Mike

Message from Williamsburg Ambassador, Jeff Anthony about new courts at Mid County Park




We are about to re-open our public courts at Mid County Park….and will include several dedicated/pickleball only outdoor courts. Believe they are the only permanent outdoor courts in Hampton Roads. Have asked around and nobody has heard of any…other than ours.

o_1947sh2sq156h18e9vdqrai1n78jo_1947sh2sqevn1ngujem104icnekBy chance have you heard of any down this way?


Jeff Anthony

757.593.7354 www.pickleburg.com

USAPA Ambassador  | James City County | Williamsburg, VA

o_195ec1od816l81ueo576bgs16tnbLink to see court construction project, http://www.pickleburg.com/photoalbum.php?view=list&album=6 , Pickleball Mike

Thank you for your investment in Virginia Pickleball

We received an investment yesterday in helping Virginia Pickleball continue to grow pickleball in the state of Virginia. Thank you Rita for your contribution. Your investment allows us to continue to provide nets balls and paddles to churches and civic organizations. It also help pay for the expenses of hosting and maintaining this website. The yearly cost of maintaining our internet domain name and more. Thank you Virginia pickleball players for investing in Virginia Pickleball!

Harrisonburg Tournament Canceled!!

Message from Bart Bridges:

Pickleball enthusiasts,

Due to low enrollment we have decided to cancel the pickleball tournament for this Saturday November 1.  After a lot of insight with you and other pickleball players we will regroup and come up with a better format for a future tournament.  I will be getting with the City of Harrisonburg to see when a date suits to offer another tournament which will probably be early next year.  Please send me any information that you think would help and once again thanks for all the information.  We will be sending back refunds within the next week or so to those that registered.


Bart Bridges

Athletic Program Supervisor

Rockingham County Parks and Recreation

20 East Gay Street

Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Office: 540-564-3160

Mobile: 540-578-1469


Notice from Linda Scott (VA District USAPA Ambassador) to Virginia Ambassadors

Good Morning Virginia Pickleball Ambassadors,

Our District Manager provided the following information which we thought you would want to know.   Hopefully, we never need it. Get those waivers signed, though.

Thank you, Helen White, for the excellent question.

“Everyone is a pickleball player, they just don’t know it, yet.”


Dave and Linda Scott USA Pickleball Ambassadors for Chesterfield/Richmond, Va District Ambassadors for the Mid-Atlantic States www.GreaterRichmondPickleball.com New website www.USAPA.org www.pickleballchannel.com 804 683 8481 cell 804 739 8483 home

Per our broker, when conducting free (non-paid) pickleball clinics, current USAPA ambassadors do in fact have coverage under their USAPA membership (same basic coverage terms as a participant in a USAPA sanctioned tournament).  Here’s a link on our site with details of the liability policy: http://www.usapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/GENERAL-LIABILITY-INSURANCE-PROGRAM.pdf Also, when requested, USAPA can issue a certificate of insurance to any ambassador who is required to present proof of insurance when teaching or instructing in a volunteer capacity.  In saying this, the coverage does not automatically extend to a facility or municipality who requires they be listed on the policy as an additional insured.  Nor does the policy extend to any of the participants attending a clinic, class or program being conducted by the ambassador (ambassadors should always use a waiver when teaching). The USAPA certificate simply demonstrates that the ambassador has coverage.  Ambassadors who require a certificate that names the facility (or some other 3rd party) as an additional insured and/or must provide coverage for participants will need to source a separate policy.   I this helps with everyone’s concerns.


Rocky Clark, Atlantic Regional Director

Portland, Maine





Hanover County P&R Senior Pickleball Tournament

We have the registration form below!
Hanover County P&R Senior Pickleball Tournament

 Friday December 5th 2014

Come join us on the courts! Hanover County Parks and Recreation will be hosting a Senior Pickleball Tournament. Friday, December 5th

Location: Cool Spring Baptist Church-Rec. Center, 9283 Atlee Station Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Ages 50 & up

Doubles Divisions: Men’s, Women’s & Mixed

Mixed Doubles: Tournament play starts at 9AM

Men’s & Women’s Doubles: Tournament play starts at 1PM

Fee: $15 covers registration in up to 2 divisions of tournament play and a boxed lunch.

Awards to the top 3 teams in each division.

Double elimination indoor tournament – wood floors/ 3 courts. Games played to 11.

For more information, please contact the Hanover Parks and Recreation Office at (804) 365-7150.  Watch for updates on the County website or Department Facebook. www.HanoverCounty.gov

Click Here for Registration form

Results of 2014 Williamsburg Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament

2014 Williamsburg Fall Classic Pickleball Tournament Results

Men’s Singles 54 and Under

1. Erin Coppersmith

2. A.C. Gregg

3. Steve Vozza

Men’s Doubles 59 and Under

1. A.C. Gregg and Johnny Morrison

2. Mike Roberts and Rick Rowe

3. Mike Hollingsworth and Steve Weed

Men’s Singles 55-59

1. Ken Guill

2. Mark Maffei

3. Al Zerafa

Men’s Doubles 60-69

1. Wally Parent and Scott Martin

2. Tom Postma and Bob Small

3. Mark Maffei and Ted Hanson

Men’s Singles 65-69

1. Johnny Morrison

2. Jeff Anthony

3. Bob Small

Men’s Doubles 70+

1. Don Cash and Jim Legg

2. Jim Hall and John Beck

3. Coleman Krane and Patrick Horan

Men’s Singles 70+

1. Jim Hall

2. John Beck

3. Page Sutton

Mixed Doubles 18-49

1. A.C. Gregg and Chris Stanko

2. Mike Roberts and Becky Jilcott

3. Patty Mines and Erin Coppersmith

Women’s Singles Open

1. Peggy Hunter

2. Linda Bell

3. Jeannie Duncan

Mixed Doubles 50-59

1. Rick Rowe and Debbie Stults

 2. Ken Guill and Jeannie Duncan

3. Peggy Hunter and Johnnie Morrison

Women’s Doubles 18-49

1. Chris Stanko and Becky Jilcott

2. Patty Mines and Debbie Wilson

Mixed Doubles 60+

1. Wally Parent and Jennifer Newcomb

2. Don Cash and Eileen Sieg

3. Scott Martin and Debra Martin

Women’s Doubles 55-59

1. Peggy Hunter and Jeannie Duncan

2. Linda Bell and Tracye Ziglar

3. Debbie Stults and Mary Beth Wilson

Mixed Doubles 70+

1. Don Cash and Eileen Sieg

2. Page Sutton and Pat Healy

Women’s Doubles 60-64

1. Deb Getty and Jennifer Newcomb

2. Eileen Sieg and Debra Martin

Click here for pictures on the Pickleburg.com website.

Pickleball Level II

Pickleball Level II

Build on your skills and take your game to the next level! The class will focus on court positioning, footwork, serving, and how to control your shots. Prior playing experience is required.

Thursdays, October 9 – 30
Arlington Mill Community Center
$24/4 sessions, #910171-A