Henrico Fall Pickleball Tournament, CANCELLED!

Message from Henrico County Parks Dept.,

Good morning everyone,

If you are receiving this email you have registered to participate in the Henrico Fall Pickleball Tournament.  Unfortunately I have some bad news about the tournament.  Due to very low enrollment numbers we are cancelling the tournament.  Typically in years past we have received upwards of 60 people registered for our tournament.  This year, due to a couple of different factors, we only had 21 people registered.  Some divisions only had one or two people, others did not have anyone registered.

Henrico County strives to put on the best pickleball tournaments in the area and we feel we would be doing a disservice to you pickleball enthusiasts if we continued on with this tournament with such few participants.  It was not an easy decision to make and I am truly sorry to have to cancel the tournament.  Pickleball in Henrico County will continue on and we will continue to offer our Spring tournament as well as our Fall tournament.  We will look at what we can improve going forward to get our numbers back to where we believe they should be.

Everyone will be receiving a refund for each division they were registered for.  Again I apologize for having to cancel our Fall tournament.  I look forward to planning our Spring tournament and I hope to see each of you there.  If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.


Ryan Peters

Recreation Manager

Henrico County Recreation and Parks

office: 804.262.4924 x239 | cell: 804.332.3677 | fax: 804.266.4551

pet67@henrico.us| henricorecandparks.com

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