Fyi in regards to eligibility for national state games…From Adam Stanley

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Adam Stanley <> wrote:
Just to clarify. you have to qualify in each event. ..mixed and mens to be eligible for both at games or would qualifying in one event at state level clear a player for both events at national games? Many players unclear on this aspect. Thanks!
Adam stanley ambassador augusta county va

Qualifying for one event at the state level will qualify a player for other events in that sport. The following Q&A is included in the pickleball description to clarify this, although I know the general eligibility requirements are not specific.

Q. If I only qualify in MD or WD, am I allowed to participate in MXD?
A. Yes. If you qualify in one event, you may participate in another event.
How many qualifiers are there from Virginia? Do you have any idea of how many are thinking of coming?
Although the courts where the tournament will be held are indoors, the playing surface is the same as outdoor tennis or pickleball courts that are color coated. The Dura 40 ball will be used, which is an outdoor ball.
Bill Holt

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