Fyi in regards to eligibility for national state games…From Adam Stanley

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Just to clarify. you have to qualify in each event. ..mixed and mens to be eligible for both at games or would qualifying in one event at state level clear a player for both events at national games? Many players unclear on this aspect. Thanks!
Adam stanley ambassador augusta county va

Qualifying for one event at the state level will qualify a player for other events in that sport. The following Q&A is included in the pickleball description to clarify this, although I know the general eligibility requirements are not specific.

Q. If I only qualify in MD or WD, am I allowed to participate in MXD?
A. Yes. If you qualify in one event, you may participate in another event.
How many qualifiers are there from Virginia? Do you have any idea of how many are thinking of coming?
Although the courts where the tournament will be held are indoors, the playing surface is the same as outdoor tennis or pickleball courts that are color coated. The Dura 40 ball will be used, which is an outdoor ball.
Bill Holt

Pickleball Debuts in Subway Commonwealth Games

Lynchburg – One of the new sports debuting this year in the Subway Commonwealth Games is pickleball, the competition being held at Lynchburg’s Boonsboro Country Club. Pickleball has attracted a whopping 150 participants in its first year in the Games. So what IS pickleball? It’s sort of a combination of tennis and table tennis, a fast-paced game played on a mini tennis court with a baseball-sized whiffle ball and an extended paddle. Two big differences from tennis, you must serve UNDERHANDED and you can’t slam in the front court, overheads only in the backcourt.

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Information to All Pickleball Players in the Virginia Commonwealth Games

Information to All Pickleball Players in the Virginia Commonwealth Games held at Boonsboro Country Club, 1709 BCC Dr, Lynchburg, VA
(434) 384-2111  July 25-27, 2014

We welcome you to the 25th Anniversary of the Virginia Commonwealth Games and the first ever Pickleball Tournament for our State.
It is with great joy and excitement that we also welcome you to Lynchburg, Virginia, our beautiful city located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. and the beautiful facility at the Boonsboro Country Club, our host for this tournament.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and the wonderful competition, as well as make lots of new friends and maybe even catch up with some old friends.  We want you to have a great time and do your best in the spirit of good sportsmanship and competition.

Here are some of the details concerning the Tournament that we feel will be beneficial for you to know before you arrive.

Registration is your first step when you arrive and the check-in table will be located outside the main doors to the tennis facility, unless otherwise noted. Each player will receive a very nice welcome bag, packed full with special gifts just for you. You will receive a name tag that should be worn at all times except during play.

Just inside the Center you will be given the choice of going upstairs or downstairs.  On the lower level, are the restroom and locker room facilities and the courts. During the tournament, no one is allowed on the courts unless they are playing or are one of the Referees. There are practice times posted, please make note of those times.

The upper level, or Mezzanine of the Tennis Center, is the viewing area for the courts.  It is where the bracket board is set up and where all announcements will be made and games posted.  There is also a
concession area where you can purchase fruit, power bars, soft drinks, water and other snack foods.

Next to the registration table, there is a Pickleball sales table, with   T-shirts, Paddles, Decals and a few other items you may want to purchase.  

If you are interested in the lunch or dinner on Saturday, July 26, at the Club, but did not make your reservation and pay at the time when you registered on- line, you can still enjoy a wonderful meal just by letting me know by Wednesday, July 23.  Email me personally and let me know how many and which meal(s),  You can then pay at the Registration table when you check it, we will have it noted that you reserved a meal.  We do not accept credit cards, so please try and bring cash or checks as a last resort. Lunch buffet is $10 and the Dinner Cook Out is $15 and there will be plenty of great food freshly prepared on site by the Chef!

Also if you did not order a Pickleball t-shirt at registration, they will be available to purchase also along with some special tournament decals, custom paddles and much more.

We will have a raffle for 2 custom souvenir Pickleball paddles just for the Commonwealth Games.  You can purchase a $5 ticket at the registration table.


Below is a list of the updated Brackets. We had to do some minor adjustments based on the number of players by age in the different divisions.

Women’s Singles 40 +;  Men’s Singles 59 & Under;  Men’s Singles 60 +
Women’s Doubles 61 & Under;  Women’s Doubles 62 +
Men’s Doubles 52 & Under;  Men’s Doubles 53-59;  Men’s Doubles 60-69
Men’s Doubles 70 +;  Mixed Doubles 49 & Under;  Mixed Doubles 50-56
Mixed Doubles 57-60;  Mixed Doubles 61-66;  Mixed Doubles 67 +


– Friday, July 25, begins at 1:00pm to completion, singles bracket for all ages men and women

– Saturday, July 26, beginning at 9:00am, men’s doubles, 52 and under and women’s doubles 61 and under.
– Saturday, July 26, beginning at approximately 11:00am, men’s double 53-59; and women’s doubles 62+
-Saturday, July 26, beginning at approximately 1:00pm, men’s doubles ages 60-69 and 70+

– Sunday, July 27, beginning at 9:00am, mixed doubles 49 and under
– Sunday, July 27, beginning at approximately 11:00am, mixed doubles 50-56 and mixed doubles  57-60
– Sunday, July 27, beginning at 1:00pm, mixed doubles 61-66 and mixed doubles 67+


– This is a Double Elimination tournament and we will play each Bracket until completion and then award medals following each completion.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for each division.  Special note for medal winners:  this Tournament qualifies you for the National Games, held in Lincoln, Nebraska in July 2015.
– Because our State Games are open to players from other States, should players from those States win in any of the top 3 positions, Virginia players, who finish in the next 3 positions will also medal and be eligible for the National Games.




– We will be playing with the Juggs lime-colored indoor balls, they seem to bounce the best on the surface at the Club and are highly visible and durable.  There will be 2 balls at each court to use for warm up and the game ball.

–  There is water and cups on each court.
–  There will be a volunteer referee at each court who will have a  clip board  and score sheet and will tend to the following:
– Coin toss to determine who serves first.  Since we are not affected by weather conditions, we will not change sides during the games until the final medal matches.  However, the team that wins the coin toss will choose whether they want to serve first or choose which side they want to play on for their match.
– Verify the score as the team calls it out. 
– Watch for, and call, foot faults, violations at the kitchen line and service order.  Each first server on each team will be given a band to wear to indicate “first server”. Bands are to be returned to referee at the end of the match. 
– Remember all ball line calls are made by the players. If there is a questionable call, the players can ask the referee if he/she saw the play but if they did not, the call must be made by the team, no replays.
– The winning team will initial the score sheet at the end of the match. The referee will be the one to report the scores to the scoring and bracket committee. 

– Each match will consist of one game to 15 points.  The final medal match will be the best 2 out of 3 games to 11 pts. with a deciding game to 15 points if needed.
– All games must be won by 2 points.

Special note about play:  We want to keep all courts active with games throughout the tournament and will do our best to make this happen.  We ask that each player cooperate by staying  “on deck” in the Mezzanine area when their Bracket is playing.  Plan to be ready for the next available court and we will use the speaker system to call you “on deck.”


Friday evening, after the singles competition, the courts will be open until 6:00pm for practice.  The courts will also open at 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday mornings for warm-up. There will be a 3-minute warm-up time before each match.

We are very blessed to be able to host the Commonwealth Games Pickleball Tournament in the beautiful indoor Tennis Center at the Boonsboro Country Club.  It is climate controlled for our comfort and the weather will not affect our play what so ever.  The indoor court surface has a very gentle cushion feel so it is great for your legs and feet and overall fatigue issues are reduced.
There is plenty of seating on the Mezzanine, no need to bring your own chairs.  The Mezzanine is located up one level from the courts and centered between the courts, giving you a great visual to see all the games.  Please note that no spectators are allowed on the courts during the matches.

Aside from the concession stand on the Mezzanine, there is a very nice Snack Shop within a short walk on the grounds at the Country Club. They sell sandwiches and other items for your pleasure.  It is cash sales only.
The Saturday lunch and dinner buffet/cookout will be under the porch at the Tennis Center.  Lunch is between 11:30am and 1:30pm and dinner starts at 5;30pm. There are no scheduled meals for Sunday, however,  he snack shop is open from 9:00am to 8:00pm.
You are also welcome to bring in your own snacks and food, however no alcoholic beverages will be sold at the concession booth or consumed at the Tennis Center. This is a family friendly tournament and also a non-smoking environment.

The Games are open to the public and there is no admission fee.


Note from Judy Bowman, Lynchburg USAPA Ambassador

To:              All Pickleball Players From:          Judy Bowman, Lynchburg area Pickleball Ambassador                                                                                            Date:      July 6, 2014

Just a reminder that the Virginia Commonwealth Games Pickleball tournament will be held at the Boonsboro Country Club in Lynchburg on July 25-27. The registration deadline is July 16 so be sure to register soon on-line at  There are NO late registrations accepted. As of this date we have over 75 pre-registered players from all over Virginia and several out of State players also. It’s going to be fun so come out and enjoy a great weekend of Pickleball.

If you are not planning on playing, but still want to be a part of this first ever Pickleball tournament in the Virginia State Games, we need volunteers for Saturday and Sunday between 8:30 and 4:00. If you can give a minimum of 6 hours to help you can receive a free newly designed Pickleball t-shirt.

SPECIAL NOTE TO AMBASSADORS AND OTHERS WHO LEAD PICKLEBALL PROGRAMS:                        Please forward this on to your players and encourage them to either participate, volunteer or come watch and support Pickleball is our area and State.  This is a historical event for Virginia Pickleball.

Please email me if you can volunteer and be sure to let me know by July 20.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                                              Judy Bowman                                                                                                                                                                                                     434-385-5839;